Dear Jeweller, Do You Run Your Business Or Your Business Runs You?

No Seriously Tell Me. Do You Run Your  Business OR Does Your Business Runs You?

First of all I would like to thank you for being a Businessman. You have the power to control your own fate, your own luck, you are the job generator and not job taker. You feed other families, you make things available, you never take leaves, you are an actual warrior. We, Solitaire Jewellery Software, Salutes you for being a businessman.

We salute you once more, that you are the sole businessman in the world selling the one of the costliest metal on this planet earth. You are truly a dream creator and a fulfiller as well. People made their wisest decisions through you and have created fortunes for them and their grandchildrens. You are truly one of a Kind.

And we know that being a businessman and that too being a Jeweller is not an easy job.


You need to take care of

1. Your costly metal

2. Heavy Transactions.

3. Your customers service.

4. Accounts.

5. Taxation.

6. Optimized Inventory.

7. Bank Loans.

8. Your Employees

9. Competition.

10. Good Will

11. Hallmarking

12. Karigars

13. Customer Orders

14. Credits

15. Marketing

16. Brand Value

17. Government

and bla bla bla


The list is never ending…..


Don’t You think you need a companion who takes care of lot of these functionalities mentioned above so that you can sit relax and spend your free time with your families, friends.

Remember “A Software is your Unpaid Employee who never makes mistakes and is always Loyal to You”.

Think Over It. You truly deserve a more better life than what it is now.

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